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faithersburg to bethesda. 67 reston. loudoun 68 sterling. 9 for leesburg and manassas at 69. to the east, college park, andrews, brandywine and crofton. this is earl. just got the new advisory coming in. 145 miles an hour. it is up five miles an hour. advantage category four storm. this is a major hurricane. too close for confident to the outer banks. put it in motion for you and you can see it is going to still pass as a category four expected 135 late tonight, overnight. it will pass our beaches tomorrow as a category three storm. ocean city, far enough west but still 580 to 80-mile an hour wind gusts not out of the question. and this may graze cape cod and martha's vineyard as a hurricane and they have a watch up there. begin in the low 90s by
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lunchtime. right now, check it out. overall no major problems out there. what we are dealing with is problems from yesterday from silver spring. take you there live. wayne avenue is closed between georgia avenue and colesville road because of police activity. this is georgia avenue. that's where you will lose a lane. volume is light out this way. on the outer loop you are okay knot of the district 95 to 270. 28 , heading eastbound okay to inside the beltway. and wrapping up with a look at 395, nice and light. no problems. traveling from duke street past the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. back toy jessica. armed with a gun, explosives and a serious grig the nation watched as it came to a deadly end yesterday. all three of his hostages were saved while police tried to end
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the standoff peacefully. what about the explosives lee had strapped to his body? and what's going on with the investigation now? we will get more from kristin fisher who's live in silver spring with more. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring is still the site of an accident investigation. so at this point in time we don't know if the employees who were evacuated yesterday will be allowed to return to work today. so what's the hold up? it is those possible explosive devices that lee could have planted inside the building. keep in mind, police say that lee walked in to the building with two boxes and backpacks and could have had explosive devices inside of them. bomb squads from multiple agencies are working throughout the night an are still working to make sure the building is empty of any ieds. police detonate toledo devices and another explosive device
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appeared to go off when police shot the suspect yesterday afternoon. here's what the police chief said moments after lee was shot and killed. >> at this point, we still have what we believe are four devices that -- or two boxes and two backpacks that we have to determine whether they are explosive devices and get them safely removed. so the building is still a crime scene. we still have work to do. >> reporter: so right now this is very much an active crime scene. right now police characterize it as an explosive investigation, but police say once they are able to determine that all of the ieds or possible ieds are out of the building then later today it will turn in to a forensic investigation. so we have two different parts
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of to the investigation. hopefully the explosives investigation will be wrapped up somewhat soon but still no word as to whether or not those employees will be able to return to work today. as for traffic around the silver spring area, i can report it is much better than yesterday afternoon during rush hour. we still have a few street closures and angie is in to tell you more about that. but for now, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. >> there's no word when we may hear the first-han account of the standoff from the hostages. last night, one of them, jim mcnolte released a state that read -- discovery workers
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learned there was a gunman in the building almost immediately. they were ordered to lock themselves in their offices and wait for security to arrive. within a few minutes, security guards began to escort employees out of the building through a side fire escape stairwell. some employees we spoke with described the evacuation. >> in the lobby, by the atrium. i was on the way to a meeting at 1:00. then just about that time i was told there was a gunman in the lobby. that we should all evacuate. >> reporter: okay. >> at that point we just had to evacuate. >> reporter: no one has been allowed in the discovery building or the garage, so all the employees were unable to retrieve opinional items they may have left at their desk. several were forced to find orways a home because their cars are still sitting in the
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discovery garage. police say people who knew lee said he was passionate about animals and never imagined him taking the action he did yesterday. on save the planet he made 11 demands all aimed at discovery. he wanted the company to change programs to focus on getting rid of pollutants. the pollutants he was referring to are people. one person described the scene. >> at that time it was never a threat of any violence, but you got the impression that he wasn't stable. >> reporter: lee was charged with disorderly conduct and littering and sentenced to spend time in a mental institution but wound up spending just 14 days in a montgomery county jail. throughout the standoff, we posted updates about the situation on and our facebook page and here's your comments surrounding the deadly
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event. -- post your own comments about the story, log on to president obama declared an emergency in north carolina just in case it needs disaster relief from hurricane earl. the waves are getting bigger as the storm barrels to the east coast. aside from north carolina, virginia and maryland declared states of emergency. howard bernstein is tracking the storm and his forecast is just ten minutes away. affect a
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spectacular day on wall street yesterday. and investors are saying let's get one more like yesterday. but that could very well depend on testimony this morning from the head of the federal reserve. checking the numbers for you. the dow is at 1028 t after adding 254 points yesterday. that was a gain of 2.5%. the nasdaq and s&p 500 added 3% in trading yesterday, thanks to surprising strong manufacturing numbers that came out yesterday morning. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will be on the hot seat this morning. he is speaking before a panel investigating a wall melt down. he led the economy as the federal reserve took extraordinary measures town correct hundreds of billions of dollars in to the battered financial system. investors will be listening for anything he has to say about the concern state of the financial system and the economy. good news for the local job
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market. the district, maryland and virginia all saw healthy job gains in july. the latest figures show the district labor force totaled 342,000 in july. that is up 2,000 new jobs. maryland gained 38,000 jobs. and virginia added 21,000 new positions with a labor force over 4 million. coming up in our next living smart report in 30 minutes, a new apple product that many consumers are expected to snap up for the home entertainment system. the time is 5:09. when the news continues, asleep at the wheel. see what happens when a driver nods off in boston. it is some incredible video. and we all know texting while driving is dangerous. find out why some say texting is become a national obsession.
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welcome back. we are traveling on the dulles toll road and like the wonderful music, things are looking good. songs good nice an quiet to the beltway. more realtime traffic coming up. in the news now, incredible video from massachusetts. police say the driver of this suv was asleep at the wheel when she crashed in to a store. she suffered minor injuries. a small child inside the truck was not hurt. the store was empty when this happened. near philadelphia phi people were hurt, one critically after an explosion at a welding company. several businesses were damaged in the blaze. investigators will return to the scene to find out what triggered the blast. the time is 5:11. right now three states are under 0 state of emergency bracing for hurricane earl. howard is tracking the storm for you and we will have everything you need to know before you finalize your
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holiday plans. >> we are watching hurricane earl as it gets closer and stronger. the latest, all the numbers you need to know and the warnings when 9 news now returns. no
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? . we have a huge store barreling in on the east coast but you have surprises in the
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forecast. >> yeah, we may have minimal ams around here. i know your dad is concerned. >> very concerned. >> one to three foot storm surge is all we will get an here. >> he was worried 25 in one to three. that's it. it will be hot again. no problems except the heat. this morning we will start with the bus stop forecast. kids want to wear shorts again? let them. it will be plenty warm to start. 60s and 70s and we are climbing to the mid-90s again. we have been there all week. t 1 by noon and t 2 for the drive home. 3:00 and 4:00 is when we hit our high for the day. tonight, clear to partly cloudy, little muggy. 665 to 75 with light winds and then storm hazy sub. high clouds from earl. highs an 90 with a northwest
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wind at ten and head to annapolis and could be 20, 25 an by ocean city could be 50 or more on the gusts. 77 a popular number from reagan national, the naval academy. we have 80s to the west now in cumberland and petersburg, stanton, cool spot is 63. 73 hagerstown and winchester and this morning reagan national is checking in with a heat index of 79 next to the 83. the winds are light out of the southwest at three and the barometer is coming down. it has been very strong an the strong high pressure has been responsible for the heat. still near us at the surface but weakening as the fronts start to approach from the west and earl starts to approach in from the southeast. here's earl. earl is a monster. category 4 storm, 145-mile an hour storm. and wave heights are impressive. we s&p in to where earl is an
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these are 368-foot waves. although some bowies have a 0- foot waves with this. 20 in the purple an ten foot waves not far off shore. so we will be watching. that show you the forecast track with winds up to 145, gusting to 175. the strongest the storm has been is right now and it can carry a storm surge they will be hit hard on the outer banks. they could have winds gusting to 100 miles an hour with a significant storm surge of five to ten feet. for us one to three feet so we have coastal flood advisories. the storm passes overnight toward friday morning here. at 2:00 it is getting east of us. tomorrow morning will be the roughest time. by friday evening going to martha's vineyard, cape cod and push it out to nova scotia by saturday morning and they have watches, as well.
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lied is under a -- long island is under a tropical storm warning, as well. we have a coastal flooded a vary for us for those one to three foot higher than normal highs we are expecting in the tidal potomac and chesapeake here. 985 today. 90 tomorrow with high clouds and earl to the east. over the weekend, back in the 9 t 0s on tuesday and wednesday. >> i'm exhausted. >> you have been talking a lot this morning but it is all gad stuff. stuff we need to know. notice on the maps, one boo-boo out there in silver spring and we want to take you there live. here's the conditions. right now we know wayne avenue is closed between georgia and colesville. what you are looking at here is georgia avenue where drivers will continue to lose the right lane early on in to the rush hour. meanwhile, volume is light out here and not impacting traffic
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much. move over to 270 southboundful everything is clear going northbound approaching route 80. you want to watch for an didn't taking away a right lane. the beltway in virginia. we will zoom in and know you everything is nice, clean and green, between 95 to 88. speaking of 985, move it -- 95, move it out there. drivers are moving to the springfield interchange. it seems everyone is texting these days. in the past three years it shot up 800% with the average teen sending 3,000 texts a month and for some it is becoming an unhealthy obsession. >> everywhere you look there's a telephone. fingers are walking. thumbs are talking. >> internet, text messages. everything is right there. >> reporter: according to a recent study, 72% of cell phone owners send text messages, up
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7% from last year. if i don't have it on me, i feel like i'm not in control or in charge of my life. >> but too much texting has become what some doctors are calling an addiction. >> so anything that you can become obsessed with and you do so much that you don't do the things you need to do with family, friends, school or job can be an addiction and texting can absolutely qualify as that. >> reporter: and teenager girls lead the charge. >> my phone has a 30 text limit and then i have to delete it. i usually delete it every two or three hours. >> reporter: the average 100 messages a day. shy gonzalez is a text bookcase. >> i condition even couldn't. >> we just came back from puerto rico and they were texting on the beach the whole time. >> reporter: with excessive testing comes a number of problems, including lack of eating, isolation and sleep deprivation. >> i sleep with my phone under
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my pillow? and then if it vibrates. >> yeah, i wake up. >> reporter: it isn't just reallied to teens. thousand of adults have run in to trouble while texting. a chicago cop is suing the city for two years of overtime pay for time spent on his blackberry blackberry. >> all day long from the minute i wake up until i shut it off at night and go to sleep i'm on the phone constantly. >> reporter: she used her iphone until the tendons connecting her thumb to her palm became so inflamed she needed surgery and stitches to correct the problem. with so many people hooked. , the question becomes how do you unplug an still stay connected? michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> hard to unplug sometimes. time is 5:21. sports is next. when the news continues, thing
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got ugly when the nats and marlins took to the field. we will have the employee by blow when we come back.
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and now nine sports the best sports in town. good morning, everybody. you probably know morgan as the nationals center fielder, but before he got in to baseball and this is totally real, he was a top flight junior hockey player in canada and if there
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is one thing hockey players never forget how to do it is drop the gloves. the game out of hand early. olson pitching against his old team. ten runs in the first two innings but things got interesting in the sixth. morgan who ran over the marlins catcher last night and separated his shoulder hit the pitch behind the back and he is ready to rumble. clocks the pitcher and leveled by gabby sanchez and let's play the feud. both benches cleared. three ejections from the game. morgan gets his money's worth as he leaves the field a mess in florida last night. nats lose to the fish 18 -10. speaking of ejections, dibble was suspended for comments he made questioning the toughness of strasburg. knight will finish the season in his place.
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reskins preseason final he in arizona. haynesworth not being a fist timer won't. haynesworth will play extensively tonight and if the coaches don't like what they see, according to that same source they may deactivate haynesworth for the opener against the cowboys. big al has two tackles this preseason. at the u.s. open yesterday, keep an eye on the top of the screen in plaque. that is tenth seeded victoria azarenka collapsing in the middle of a. before the match, she was jogging on a treadmill in the gym, fell off and hit her head. they let her play the match but at the hospital afterwards, having been wheeled off off she had a concussion. she will be okay. that's a look at sports. full preview of the redskins preseason finale tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. until then have a great thursday. next, when the news continues, the standoff is oh
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but the investigation in to the man behind the siege at discovery channel headquarters is just beginning. a live report is next. a massive hurricane threatens the entire eastern seaboard as everyone watches to see which way it will turn. all right. talking about the traffic. m street and south capitol street. we are live and it is smooth sailing. more traffic from around the region coming up along with the weather with howard. stay with us. óó
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welcome back. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. howard, what's the forecast. >> earl is still on the way. going to give the outer banks a rough night. it will give us some problems in our coastal areas tomorrow morning, but this will have minimal impact with the metro except for high tides one to three feet above average the next day or so.
5:31 am
go to the maps and start off with temperatures. it is a warm morning. 77 degrees here in washington. columbia 71. same with crofton. ft. belvoir an springfield 72 and reston at 67. there's earl. it's up to 145-mile an hour sustained winds. the eye is 285 miles across. the tropical storm-force winds are 230-miles from the center. as we put the forecast track in motion, there we are at 2:00 on the, still a category four storm just off the hatteras coast. they could have gusts over 100 there. wave heights 10 to 20 feet and category three storm passing midday tomorrow and quickly getting out of here. we have watches and warnings through new england now. more on that coming up. right now angie has the traffic. >> from your map to mine, look at the tieup out there.
5:32 am
this has carried over from yesterday's happening out in silver spring. let's take you there. wayne avenue is closed between georgia and colesville road. the good news is we have a right lane back on georgia avenue in the area. over to the maps again. 301, route 4 and 5. no incidents to report on any of these roads and hey, virginia, 395, moving at speed past duke street to the 14th street bridge. back to jessica. armed with a gun, explosives and a serious grudge, the nation watched as 43-year-old james lee siege on the discovery channel headquarters came to an deadly end yesterday. all three hostages were saved while they tried to end the standoff peacefully. what about the explosives strapped to his body? and what's going on with the investigation? kristin fisher is joining us live from silver spring with more on the story. >> reporter: you got it. that's the big question right now. what is happening with those
5:33 am
potentially explosive devices that are still inside, possibly, the discovery buildings hecht's which is bebind -- headquarters which is behind me here. bomb squads have been working throughout the night to make sure the possible ieds are out. they are still inside at this hour, so we still don't know exactly what this means for discovery employees. whether or not they will be able to return to work today but i have to say at this hour it is not looking likely. but again, no confirmation on that. let's backtrack and keep in mind that police say that when lee walked inside of this building he had with him two boxes and two backpacks that could have had explosive devices inside of them. well, as of 11:00 last night, police detonated at least three devices and another explosive device appeared to go off when police shot the suspect. take a listen to what a spokesman for montgomery county
5:34 am
police had to say about the seconds right before the suspect was shot. >> they may have heard a gunshot or they may have heard a device detonating. at that point, a decision was made that there would be an emergency assault on the lobby of that building. as they were running in, the hostages were running out. they engaged the suspect. he was shot and killed. >> reporter: so we still don't know what it was that made police want to move in and essentially take out the suspect. whether or not they heard a gunshot or possibly one of the explosive devices going off or saw him do something they didn't like. something he did in a threatening manner to one of the hostages we have heard reports that they saw him possibly holding a gun at one of the hostages who was lying down on the floor. we still don't know what caused
5:35 am
them to shoot and kill the suspect lee, but at this point in time they are trying to clear out the building and make sure it is safe for people to return to work, today or tomorrow and maybe even monday. at this point in time we don't know. police say this is still an explosives investigation but they are hoping that later today, once they are able to make sure all of those devices are out of the building that then this will turn in to a forensics investigation, a typical crime investigation in which they can investigate the events leading up to the incident and the police response. >> thank you, kristin. >> of course we want to tell you to stay with wusa for the latest information on the discovery standoff. read more about james lee or leave a comment about the standoff. 0. to do that log on to our website at we are also keeping an eye on hurricane earl. and so is much of the east
5:36 am
coast coast. as karen brown reports from the outer banks, some vacationers are determined to have a great holiday no matter what. >> reporter: kevin broom isn't sticking around for earl. even if it means cutting his labor day weekend short. >> better to be disappointed than be washed away or something. >> reporter: the monster hurricane could reach north carolina tonight or early friday before rolling up the east coast. watches an warnings stretch up to cape cod, massachusetts. while earl is expected to stay off shore making its way north a slight shift could put millions in harm's way. >> it is important to take the time that you have a plan and are ready just in case. >> reporter: many aren't wasting any time boarding up. >> never know what flying debris you will get. >> and moving out. wednesday, officials ordered thousands to evacuate north
5:37 am
carolina's outer banks. not since hurricane bob in 1991 has a storm threatened so much of a eastern seaboard. here in north carolina where the rip current is a concern, the governor declared a state of emergency and done the same for the coastal regions of maryland and virginia. some tourists refuse to let earl ruin their fun in the sun. >> our 14th year here and i'm not ready to go to new york and get in the routine. >> reporter: for those that don't have a place to ride out the storm, the shelters are set up. >> the shelter is never the best place to live in but we will make sure they have a place to sleep, are dry and have foot to eat. >> reporter: supplies they hope won't be needed this time around. karen brown, cbs news, kill devil hill, north carolina. >> you can keep track of earl and any other tropical systems that develop by logging on to and click on weather to down load the free hurricane
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tracker. 5:37. an time for another "living $mart" report. get ready for a new version of apple temperature one that consumers may actually buy. apple unveiled a smaller, less expensive version. the $99 version will allow viewers to rent tv shows and movies over the internet and run them on the tv sets. chief executive steve jobs unveiled a buttonless touch screen ipod nano and updated ipod touch. time for the money saver. it is not too late to book a cheap getaway for the weekend. some hotels have slashing prices such as a $85 a night for a room in orlando. to get the best deal, check on- line and then call and ask for the unpublished rate, which can take another 285% off. -- 25% off. an consider coupons from coupon cher they aren't just for groceries
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anymore. for more, go to my blog the financialist and i'd love to be your friend on facebook. we will look at the rest of the top stories including nasa's efforts to help rescue the trapped miners in chile that have been stuck underground. we are checking the roads. clean and green and smooth sailing. the top stories are next. stay with us with.
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a nasa team is helping to rescue trapped hypers in chile. they have been trapped 2300 feet underground for nearly a month. nasa has been called in to provide advice on how to keep them physically and mentally fit in their confined space. it is hoped the men will be rescued by christmas.
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thousand of people waded through flood streets after downpours. the rain started two days ago forcing two major rivers to overswell and it is expected to rain the rest of the week to make things worse. there is no significant risk that more oil will leak in to the sea on friday. that's when engineers plan to remove the cap that contained the gusher. officials say vessels will remain on stand by just in case to collect any leaking oil. the time is 85:42. still co, why mental exercises may help your brain now and speed up the time appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. and the customer says, on the carpet." i'm thinking, what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. an exploding crockpot, free-ranging house chickens. call a day's work. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back. another hot day and earl is marching to the mid-atlantic and outer banks. but this morning the forecast first. clear and mild at the bus stop.
5:46 am
the bus stop forecast, 80s and 70s. sun sup 6:38. the day at a glance, sunny and maybe a fie few high clouds in advance of earl. right now 77 with code orange air quality. tonight, clear to partly cloudy, mid-60s to mid-70s. muggy with light winds. 73 on the sunset. and high clouds around with earl. to the shenandoah valley you may be sunny and to the east obviously dealing with thicker clouds and to the beaches is where earl will be felt for sure. highs an 90. still on the hot side. 70s this morning in town. over by the bay, southern maryland, cambridge 77. 80s to the west and petersburg is the cool spot at 81. light southwesterly winds and the barometer is starting to drop off. high pressure has been in total control this week.
5:47 am
has been giving us the sunshine and heat. it has been blocking earl. high pressure at the center here. it extends to the atlantic and will be pushed out 0 the way by the front to the west and earl from the south and west and earl is a monster. look at this thing. category four storm. moving more north northwest than northwest and you can see a well-defined eye. 28 a miles in diameter across. it extends t 0 miles out from the center and storm force winds 230 miles from the center. earl had winds of 145 gusting to 175 on the latest advisory and you can see the pressure down to 928 millie bars and -- millibars. it will be passing cape hatteras. looks like they could get close to the eye wall expecting gusts there potentially over 100 miles an hour.
5:48 am
tomorrow morning, earl is starting to weaken. a major hurricane passing norfolk and wallops island and ocean city. by tomorrow night, here at 9:00 p.m., we will watch eastern long island, cape cod, southeast ma mass and this is going up to new england. eastern maine could be hit, can d.a. these areas are dealing with watches and warnings. we have looking at hurricane warnings in eastern north carolina. north of that you have tropical storm warnings. wave hites in the surge and southern chesapeake bay, three to five feet. we could have winds gusting over 5880 miles an hour an the -- 50 miles an hour.
5:49 am
impressive. the weekend looks fantastic. hot and 95 tomorrow. look at the weekend. we will cool down to 78 on saturday. an labor day in the upper 80s and more 90s by tuesday and wednesday. it is 5:49. let's get the traffic info for you. >> rise and shine. hey, everybody. are you waking up and stretching it out? see how the morning is shaping up. one tieup to tell you about, one that carried over from yesterday in silver spring, maryland. wayne avenue is closed. so please find another route this way or expect more delays than usual. on the outer loop, filling out between 29 and georgia avenue but incidents or accidents out here. 66 we are tracking the eastbound trip. man, we are seeing a lot of taillights between 50 and 123. that delay is growing. wrapping up with t 5 northbound, volume is building
5:50 am
up to route 1ed woodbridge. doctors say just like our body, our brains need to be exercised. a new study shows keeping the mind active can keep alzheimer's disease at bay but as children brown tells us there is a surprising twist. >> reporter: carmen cox has a good memory. >> i'm aware as you get older you lose your memory, and i would like to prevent it as much as possible. >> reporter: so the 71-year-old is taking classes at ucla's institute to keep her mind sharp. >> i'm going to do an exercise called look, snap, connect. >> reporter: whether it is brain exercises, computer games or a cross word puzzle, research shows that seniors that keep their mind active can delay the onset of alzheimer's disease but it shows once alzheimer's hits the brain exercises may do more harm than good. they followed two groups of patients and as expected those
5:51 am
who were mentally sharp were able to delay alzheimer's but then a surprise, once the disease took hold, patients saw their brain function deteriorate faster. >> once people got dementia, it seemed to have the opposite affect. more mental stimulation seemed to be worse. >> reporter: but doctors say there is a silver lining, a slower onset and faster rate of decline will mean they pear will suffer for a shorter period of time they speculate the brain is like a muscle. exercise can make it stronger but once it is compromised exercise may make it worse. >> mental stimulation sped up brain decline at a certain point. >> reporter: doctors say, even if that is true, people should continue to exercise tear brains. >> i really like the idea. >> reporter: it is still an effective way to fight off alzheimer's. >> researcher at rush university medical center in
5:52 am
chicago conducted this 12-year study that included more than 1100 people. we have all been there, a long road trip, a lot of soda and nature calls but it is a crap shoot trying to find a decent restroom. but not now. but these posh potties come at a price. !%
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here's a look at what is buzzing in entertain. paris hilton was banned from two resorts in las vegas following her recent cocaine charge arrest. hilton's boyfriend arrested for dui the same night was fired from his job as well as a nightclub partner. east coast out, west coast in. the dc house wives could be upstaged by six women from beverly hills sooner than later. bravo is moving on with the next installment with the real house wives. among the cast, soon to be ex- wife of -- kelsey grammer and a designer and guru. conan o'brien announced to his fans by youtube his talk show will be named conan.
5:56 am
it debuts november 8th. no plans for labor day weekend and metro mix says there's no excuse. we have the ultimate guide for holiday evens ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: in fab news, there's a beatles tribute. the music festival honors the work and legend of the beatles. festivities start tonight an run through tuesday. the national symphony orchestra labor day cool concert is back on the west lawn. it is this sunday at 5:00 p.m. gates open at 3:15. it is the second annual labor day sunset sail at cantina marina. the romantic lay bore day cruise happens between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. on saturday. there's something for everyone this labor day weekend. for more information on these events and scores more, they are on-line at
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just search key word "labor." before we, go we all know this game, dodge ball and now local college is trying to break the world record for the most people to play in a single game george mason your wants to smash in the record book and opened the game to the public. it september 3rd between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. we have a link to register for the game at just click on the buzz tab. that's the latest entertainment. now, back to jess. this has happened to us all at our lives. we have been forced to use the gas station or truck stop bathroom and all of us were probably disgusted by what we saw. one man is trying to change the public perception of the public toilet. >> it is such a taboo thing. everyone does it. no one wants to talk about it. it is a private matter why not
5:58 am
do it in luxury? >> there's no other way to say it, chad is passionate about poop. >> i was driving and and nature called and i needed to -- and i asked myself why is it always such a problem to find a good, clean restroom. >> reporter: gas stations, convenient stores, it is a crap shoot of sorts. >> it is not clean, safe and private. >> reporter: that's when it hit him, why not ma make the trip to the reading room a luxury experience, clean, private and elegant. for $5 a road weary travel ergates hotel style key and use of a sanitized room as long as they need. >> sit and do your makeup, shave, take your time and relax, there's no time limit. no one will knock on the door and bother you. >> reporter: as you might imagine paying for the privilege to potty is not always an easy sell.
5:59 am
>> people are like why will i pay you $5 when i can use a bush. >> reporter: why indeed but this first time user is sold. >> the wife wants me to come them use the restroom and now the problem is over. >> reporter: while not all customers are that excited, he hopes to clone the one of a kind cans all across the country. >> not unlike what starbucks did to coffee. >> call him the barista of the potty. >> howard has the the forecast that everyone is looking at today. >> we have been watching earl. this morning they increased went speeds from 140 to 14 a. look at the earl on the satellite. no radar yet. this is color enhanced and you can see the eye 25 miles. it is moving more north than west now and it is starting to make that all-important turn. as far

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